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Thank you for your interest in Francesco F. Pavoncelli's family. You are very welcome as a family member or if you are an occasional visitor!

The aim of these pages is to briefly illustrate the origins and the history of this aristocratic family of Southern Italy. Some of its members have left, in the last century, a mark in the agricultural development of the Puglia Region, in the production of prestigious wines and olive oil as well as in wheat trading.

To respect members' privacy, many personal information have been omitted. Individual members of the family who would like to add their own information are very welcome to contribute to the development of this web site. They are kindly invited to contact the address indicated at the bottom of each page in order to agree about the submission of the information they wish to be included.

This site also shows a display of images concerning family members, often of past generations, and the locations where the Pavoncelli family has been living during the last century. Overtime this Photo Album will be further enriched. We hope those visitors who are not interested by the details of the family will enjoy that section of the site!

Recent photos of family members and close friends are included in a private section of the site, accessible only by password.

One page is dedicated to list the preferred "links" to other sites which could be of general interest.